short films

"behind-the-scenes of 'driven'"

Documentary short  |  Directed by Cameron Clendaniel


Join producer Rachel Hartman and animator Julie Zammarchi as they discuss the latest StoryCorps Animated Short—"Driven", which features audio from a conversation between Frank and Warrick Scott, the son and grandson of Wendell Scott—the first African American to be inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. Frank remembers his father's passion, talent, and determination as he competed on racetracks across the Jim Crow South. Our new behind-the-scenes video gives you a glimpse into Julie's process as she brings the extraordinary story of a racing legend to life.



Documentary short  |  Directed by Nader Sadre


"Rothman" captures the life of Frank Rothman, the son of a small time crook, who grew up to become the kind of lawyer that helps crooks — a New York criminal defense attorney.


"BEHIND-THE-SCENES OF 'a more perfect union'"

Documentary short  |  Directed by Stephen S. Taylor


Join animators Mike and Tim Rauch and producer Maya Millett as they travel to Greensboro, Alabama to meet Theresa Burroughs – the indomitable and indefatigable founder of the Safe House Museum and a civil rights champion. Burroughs originally recorded her story when the StoryCorps MobileBooth stopped in Tuscaloosa. Inside the booth with her daughter, Toni Love, she recounted her struggle to register to vote in rural 1940s Alabama. Our new behind-the-scenes short is an exceptional encounter with an extraordinary woman and a rare look into the making of a StoryCorps Animated Short.


"Same Difference" (Excerpt)

Comedy series  |  Created by Carson Alexander and Chris Long


This hilarious comedy series centers around the outlandish adventures of two polarizing New Yorkers who just so happen to be demographic opposites: one white and straight, the other black and gay. Includes cameos from Charlie Murphy, Gabourey Sidibe, Cyndi Lauper, Chad White and Rusty Joiner.


"kilimo kwanza: food security in africa"

Documentary short  |  Directed by Donna Vermeer


The United Nations sent a film crew to Africa to investigate one of the most critical of the Millennium Development Goals: Food Security. More than 70-percent of Africa's population is rural and depends on agriculture for food and income. Throughout Africa, this film documents the voices of people wanting empowerment to build better lives and to end hunger and food insecurity.


"one breath" (EXCERPT)

Documentary short  |  Directed by Nicolar Rossier


"One Breath" profiles William Trubridge, a world champion of free diving, a potentially deadly sport that involves diving as deep as possible on a single breath of air. Trubridge holds the world record at 101 meters but continues to push himself ever deeper, risking his life with each attempt.


"robbery on the champs elysées" (EXCERPT)

Dramatic short  |  Directed by Donna Vermeer


Shot on 35mm in Paris, "Robbery on the Champs Elysées" depicts a cliché robbery of a young American tourist by a gypsy on the Champs Elysées, revealing the dark underworld of the Paris banlieues through a beautiful story of serendipity, happenstance, and the randomness of life.



Promotional short  |  Directed by Donna Vermeer


LOCAL focuses its lens on the growing movement of communities and individuals dedicated and driven with one common goal: to create global change. We believe that through stories we can help synthesize these communities into a global network, with people working together to move forward and create the appropriate change in our world. Stories of smart cities, food activism and food security, environmental justice, living communities, transition towns, people living off-the-grid, regenerative design, the turn towards urban agriculture and crises in food and water infrastructure. Community is the solution.


"ashes" (EXCERPT)

Documentary short  |  Directed by Andre Lambertson


Shot on the streets of Paterson, New Jersey and throughout New York City, this raw, poignant film follows three characters fighting their own personal battles against gang violence, drug abuse, the prison system and poverty. From a struggling food pantry to a young father's search for work after his release from Riker's Island, the film takes the viewer on a heart-wrenching tour of a disturbing but all too real part of America.


"A friendly psa from the mayor of coney island"

Promotional short  |  Directed by Jasper Goldman


This playful animated short film underscores the many absurdities of New York City's plan to redevelopment Brooklyn's famed Coney Island.