official trailer: "As Prescribed"

Documentary feature, currently in production  |  Directed by Holly Hardman


For over fifty years, doctors have been prescribing benzodiazepines. The drugs bear well-known names: Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, Ativan. They are commonly thought of as safe, even innocuous drug that help take the edge off or offer a better night’s sleep. "As Prescribed", however, documents a strikingly different narrative. Through personal accounts and investigating mounting evidence, the film reveals benzodiazepines’ constellation of frightening effects, as well as the errant medical culture that continues to promote them. The result is the story of an under-the-radar epidemic that is devastating lives globally.


OFFICIAL TRAILER: "charlie vs goliath"

Documentary feature, currently in post-production  |  Directed by Reed Lindsay


In a presidential election year that is defined by scores of angry voters railing against establishment politics, Charlie Hardy's political journey running for the US Senate in Wyoming is that of the ultimate outsider. A former educator and Catholic priest who lived in a cardboard shack in a Venezuelan barrio for a decade, Charlie cobbles together a band of misfits to run a Quixotic campaign as a Democrat against three-term Republican incumbent Mike Enzi. "Charlie vs Goliath" follows Charlie's hilarious, revealing and ultimately poignant journey across one of the most conservative states in the country.



Television documentary, currently in post-production  |  Directed by Phil Berger


Holocaust survivor Karl Schapiro, who evaded Nazi persecution by hiding in a crawl space under a barn for almost two years, has always vowed to never return to Europe. But Karl's granddaughter, Rachel, desperate to know more about Karl's incredible story, has other plans. "The Barn" follows Rachel and Karl as they travel first to Poland, and then to the Ukraine, in search of what remains of his history and those who risked everything to save him.



Documentary short  |  Directed by Nader Sadre


"Rothman" captures the life of Frank Rothman, the son of a small time crook, who grew up to become the kind of lawyer that helps crooks — a New York criminal defense attorney.


OFFICIAL TRAILER: "the other man"

Documentary feature & televison documentary  |  Directed by Nicolas Rossier


F.W. de Klerk was the last President of apartheid-era South Africa. In less than 4 years, he went from being Nelson Mandela's jailor to his vice president. Together they changed history for the better and may have prevented a civil war, yet little is known about de Klerk. Through his probing lens, "The Other Man" explores the fascinating political journey and legacy of this complicated figure.


OFFICIAL TRAILER: "THE final mission"

Dramatic short  |  Directed by Winston James


Three small-time crooks have carried out their last crime. But one of them has turned. First-time director Winston James lets the bullets fly and suspense build in this gripping psychological thriller that concludes with one final twist.


OFFICIAL TRAILER: "same difference"

Comedy series  |  Created by Carson Alexander and Chris Long


This hilarious comedy series centers around the outlandish adventures of two polarizing New Yorkers who just so happen to be demographic opposites: one white and straight, the other black and gay. Includes cameos from Charlie Murphy, Gabourey Sidibe, Cyndi Lauper, Chad White and Rusty Joiner.


OFFICIAL TRAILER: "good people go to hell"

Documentary feature  |  Directed by Holly Hardman


"Good People Go to Hell" explores the world of Evangelical Christian culture and End Times belief. The film follows a cross-carrying fundamentalist preacher, a fervent youth choir leader, an agenda-filled mega-church pastor, and a panoply of urban and rural Born-Again believers. Unnervingly intimate, the film follows its subjects as they struggle to rebuild their lives along the Gulf Coast in the months and years after Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. The result is a film of stunning candor and fresh insight into the complex and controversial world of Evangelical belief.


OFFICIAL TRAILER: "listening is an act of love: A Storycorps special"

Broadcast television special  |  Directed by The Rauch Bros.


The first-ever animated feature from StoryCorps celebrates the transformative power of listening. "Listening Is an Act of Love: A StoryCorps Special" presents six stories from 10 years of the innovative oral history project, where everyday people sit down together to ask life's important questions. Framing these intimate conversations from across the country is an interview between StoryCorps founder Dave Isay and his nine-year-old nephew, Benji, animated in the inimitable style of The Rauch Brothers.


OFFICIAL TRAILER: "storycorps animated shorts highlight reel"

Highlight reel  |  Directed by The Rauch Bros.


OFFICIAL TRAILER: "american radical"

Documentary feature & television documentary  |  Directed by David Ridgen & Nicolas Rossier


"American Radical" follows the tumultuous and controversial career of American Middle-East scholar Norman Finkelstein, a relentlessly caustic and polarizing figure whose personal and professional struggles arise from core questions about freedom, identity and nationhood.



Documentary television series  |  Directed by Jonathan Robinson


Connecticut's public school system is at a crossroads. Despite the fact that Connecticut students score among the top five states in national math and reading tests, its low-income students perform at dramatically lower levels. On average, these students are about three grade levels behind. This achievement gap in Connecticut is the widest of any state in the nation. "Great Expectations", a three-part television special, investigates the roots of this disturbing failure and highlights models for creating a system of education that raises achievement across the state.



Television documentary  |  Directed by Jasper Goldman


Shot on 16mm over the course of two years by acclaimed cinematographer Igor Martinovic, "City of Water" captures the increasingly heated urban-planning battles currently raging along New York City's rapidly developing waterfront.